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behind me. we are stuck in time. they are going to keep it there right now. this is the ntsb says their first chance to get a look at what is happening by the light of day. they arrived here and got to the plane at about midnight. they combed through that and recovered the black boxes, sent them with with an escort. probably within the next 24 hours we could get our first look at what those black boxes hold, if any kind of information. preliminary reports we could get within the next 24 hours. we have six people still in critical condition in hospitals here in the bay area. among those one child. we are also told that two people in this crash are likely facing paralysis. >> with regard to the investigation yesterday we did see police officers kind of do a sweep of the area. i know there have been some concerns that some of the forensic evidence that they might be looking for today, overnight it may have because of the conditions out there that it could have corroded in some ways. what are they looking for today there on the ground? >> reporter: they need to see -- they need to kee
. we have greg on the phone. the ntsb has deployed a team rather to san francisco, obviously, considering the circumstances. that's protocol. greg, first of all, what if anything are you hearing about this particular crash? greg okay. we don't have greg fife there. why don't we reset here for just a few moments. there's an asiana airlines plane that you're looking at to the right of the screen that is sitting off runway 28 at the san francisco international airport. we're told that passengers managed to jump down the emergency inflatable slides to safety. not he immediately known at this point whether there are any injuries, nor do we know at this point how many folks are injured. john cox, captain cox is still there. former u.s. airways pilot. are you there? >> yes, i am. >> the scene that we're looking at right now, lots of emergency personnel, obviously on the runway. fire trucks there on the scene. we saw folks, we saw those firefighters just a short time ago using that white retardant to continue to douse the flames. it appears as if right now, the smoke that had been bi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2